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Fledgling no2

Fledgling No.2 is a single variety cider made with Red Love apples, a unique red-fleshed apple grown at Gibbet Oak Farm. This cider has aromas of sweet red apples and berries and a flavour profile similar to a dry, acidic white wine. Pair this with a creamy cheese. Serve lightly chilled, but not cold.

6.4% ABV | Single variety Red Love cider | 2020 vintage

The Fledgling series showcases cider made using the ancestral, or pét-nat (pétillant natural), method. This involves bottling before the end of primary fermentation, allowing the process to complete in the bottle itself. The year 2020 was an incredible vintage for cider and we were compelled to bottle two of our ciders using the pét-nat process.
Apples & Sulphites.

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