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Ah, the crisp crunch of a just ripe Kentish apple or pear, warmed by long days of sun on the Wealden hillside.  The perfect combination of sweetness and tangy tartness as the delicate, yet distinctive, flavours hit your tastebuds. Close your eyes, and taste never-ending summer afternoons playing in the orchards, far away from the stresses of everyday life. Can you bottle that? We think we have.

Nightingale’s cider, perry and fruit juices are made from local fruit varieties,
grown and hand-picked on the Nightingale family farm and local orchards in the Weald of Kent.
We use traditional wild fermentation techniques, and don’t mess about with additives.
All our cider and perry is made from fresh apple or pear juice: no concentrates.

Order a case of your favourite cider or perry, or choose a mixed case and discover new flavours. We think you’ll love all of them as much as we do.

Kentish Perry 750ml

Kentish Perry 750ml

Bottle Conditioned Kentish Perry 2020 vintage

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